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Why Mobile Training?


The problems with traditional paramotor

schools tend to occur after the student

has already returned home.


Even though they often graduate with

plenty of confidence and skills to start

their solo journey, the student can feel

completely lost once they get

back to their home location.

This is for a number of reasons but

mostly because conditions have changed.

The altitude is different.

The temperature is different.

The humidity is different.

The wind is different.

The launch area is different.

The list goes on...




Home Field Advantage


One of the many advantages of

mobile training is that you learn to fly

in your own home area and not at some

flying/training site clear across the country.


We will find suitable flying sites near you,

study and discuss charts of the airspace

in your area and also discuss any local

weather and terrain concerns that apply

directly to the areas that you

will be flying in the most.






Although our training prices may

seem higher at first, once you factor in

the travel, accommodations, time away

from work, etc., training near your home

and on your own schedule starts to

make much more economical sense.






Most schools require you to travel

to their location on only their specific

training dates while also taking a couple

weeks away from work and family.


Because we are mobile, in most cases

we can be completely flexible with dates

and training times. We work around your

busy schedule while still giving you the

training and experience needed to become

a safe and responsible paramotor pilot.




What It Takes


The average student can be solo in

30-40 hours of training. Training involves

a combination of book work(flight theory,

weather, airspace, etc), lots of ground

handling or "kiting" the glider, a series of

tandem instructional flights, radio

controlled solo flights, then finally

culminating in off radio solos and

in flight skills work.


You are not left alone until you have

the skills and confidence to safely

fly a paramotor on your own.


Safety is ALWAYS our number one priority!

AIRTIMEPPG offers mobile paragliding and paramotor instruction, gear sales and tandem discovery flights. We have 25+ years of experience and your
safety is always our #1 priority!

  "Bringing the sky to you..."
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